Witchetty grub all grown up!

By August 20, 2012 Blog

When a witchetty grub look-a-like was discovered in a tree stump here at CLC Trenython Manor it sparked off a natural history mystery.

Just what sort of grub was it? And what would it look like when it was grown up! Pictures of the grub were sent to experts at the Natural History Museum in London and they concluded that the grub was the larva of the Sawyer Beetle, local to Cornwall and only the eighth recorded for the county, so a rare discovery indeed! Now we know what it looks like, with the unearthing in wood chippings of the adult version – bringing sightings up to nine.

Resort Manager Nick Waddington said: “This handsome beast was discovered by our gardeners as they collected material for the den building. We pride ourselves on providing a haven for wildlife and I’m delighted that CLCTrenython Manor is home to such a rare species!”