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What wildlife to see and where in Cornwall

By September 4, 2014April 23rd, 2021No Comments

Picture By James Ram.

As the months and seasons change so does our wildlife scene, but if you want to know what’s out and about in Cornwall there is a blog to help you. Each month, working with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the Visit Cornwall blog identifies particular flora and fauna with suggestions on where best to see these.

During September dormice, which hibernate in winter, are busy foraging for food and fattening up. A fascinating fact about this nocturnal species , which lives on fruit, insects, nuts, flowers and pollen, is that it can lower its body temperature to become ‘torpid’ if there is a shortage of food – and may sleep as much as nine months of the year! Nature reserves that are managed specifically to promote dormice include the woodlands of Lanvean Bottoms, nr Mawgan Porth, Newquay.

Busy as a bumblebee is true of September, a time when a number of species hunt for food to survive and, after mating and feeding well, new queens fly off in search of a place to hibernate. Spot bees at work in flower-filled meadows, such as those at Downhill Meadow Nature Reserve where nectar-rich wild angelica blooms until October.

September is also identified on the calendar for the showing of a very rare flowering plant with pale pink blooms called felwort (Gentianella amarella), commonly known as autumn gentian, which has traditionally been used to treat digestive disorders. Where it will appear no-one knows for sure – it is entirely unpredictable, but you may be lucky enough to see it!

If you are a nature lover, and having read this far we can assume so, then award winning CLC Trenython Manor hotel, set in 24 acres of grounds that include recovered ancient woodland, is a marvelous place to stroll and observe. The team actively promotes wildlife habitats with bird feeding stations (with a ‘birdwatch’ nest camera in situ), bee and butterfly gardens, a wormery, bat boxes, vegetable and plant nurseries, log piles and child friendly activities to encourage environmental awareness. In 2014, CLC Trenython Manor received the annual Considerate Hotel of the Year award.

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