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When you think of Cornwall…

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St Michael’s Mount is an enduring image of Cornwall, the medieval church and castle topped island off the west coast can be walked to across a causeway from the mainland, trod by pilgrims of old, that is only visible and passable at low tide.

Gateway to this beautiful sight is the town of Marazion, and the scene at sun set and sun rise across Mount’s Bay has been photographed endless times.

Visitors to the island can explore a thousand years of history, myth and legend. At the castle entrance stands a stone seat where the Archangel St Michael is said to have appeared to fishermen in the year 495A.D.

From around 350 B.C. the Mount served as a key trading port for Cornish tin exported to Europe. It has been the scene of skirmishes and seizures, while a beacon lit in 1588 gave signal of the approaching Spanish Armada. In the mid 17th century it became the private home of the Aubyn family, and some descendants remain there today living in its Victorian wing.

2014, is the 60th anniversary of its National Trust status, having been given as a gift by Francis St Aubyn, third Lord St Levan, and celebrations are in the pipeline.

If the tide is in you can still reach the island by small boat, but if you are waiting for low tide you can explore Marazion. The town has an award-winning restaurant, Ben’s Cornish Kitchen, and the beachside Godolphin Arms reopens at Easter 2014 following extensive refurbishment. The local beach is lovely, while a stroll round the streets of Cornwall’s oldest market is rewarding; a bench at the top not only a chance to rest but to admire panoramic views.

Marazion is 54 miles (A30) from CLC World hotel and lodge resort CLC Trenython Manor, and 44 miles, from sister hotel Hustyns.