Ice-skating at the Eden Project

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Ice skaters at the Eden Project in Cornwall

Ice-skating at the Eden Project is not just about doing a fun winter sport. This year Cornwall’s top ecological attraction has created a true winter wonderland for its visitors!

The rink opened on 17 October 2015 and closes 28 February 2016, providing the perfect holiday activity for all the family.

Imagine a path lined with lanterns, leading you through a forest… And as you emerge from the tree tunnel you’ll find an ice rink decorated with real fir trees and twinkling fairy lights! After having fun on the ice, you can walk around the stunning “biome” gardens.

For those not familiar with the Eden Project, it is the region’s most iconic visitor site. Eden is a unique “indoor garden” with several thousand trees, plants and flowers from around the world.

Because of the spectacular location, skating at Eden provides much more than 40 minutes of fun on the ice. The recently redesigned ice rink has a superb atmosphere, so onlookers will enjoy it as much as the skaters.

Younger members of the family can hire a Skating Penguin to help them get started. About 90cm tall, the penguins have stable “feet” and a handle bar that a small skater can hold on to while pushing the penguin along the ice. Visitors are advised to book these ahead as they’re very popular.

Afterwards there’s more winter fun to be had! Craft workshops, the Lantern Procession, and later in the year, Father Christmas, will make your visit unforgettable. You’ll need a general Eden Project admission to access the skating rink, so make sure you reserve a whole day to marvel at this incredible place.

The Eden Project is only 4.4 miles from CLC Trenython Manor, taking about 12 minutes by car.

photo credit: Tim Peters

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