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A World of holidays that grew from Club La Costa

Today CLC World is hardly recognisable as the small shared ownership holiday company that began life in the UK in 1984 and rapidly expanded in Spain as Club La Costa World. The company rebranded in 2013 as CLC World Resorts & Hotels to reflect its worldwide expansion, and has a portfolio of 32 resorts in 6 countries.

From just a handful of apartments at CLC Las Farolas resort on the Costa del Sol, the company soon established a reputation for quality and outstanding facilities as it grew its number of resorts in Spain and then expanded first across Europe and subsequently into the USA.

Today it is a multi-dimensional business which not only builds better holidays through an increasing number of resorts in popular destinations, but also has its own property division: CLC Estates, and travel operation: CLC World Travel. An expanding repertoire of holiday and property-owning products ranges across shared ownership, fractionals and outright property purchase – and it arranges more than 325,000 family holidays each year.

It was as Club La Costa World that the company first gained its widely held reputation for highly regarded resorts, the name becoming associated with quality apartments on attractive resorts supplied with a wide variety of facilities and amenities. Its macro beach-facing resort on the Costa del Sol, where the Club La Costa story began and which is known as CLC Club La Costa World, embraces many individual resorts arranged in pristine landscaped settings; with multiple swimming pools, bars, restaurants, tennis courts, boutique shops, club facilities and more.

The company has taken this resort success story into other high demand destinations and CLC World resorts can be found in Cornwall and Scotland in the UK, Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Austria, Turkey, and in that great family favourite holiday destination: Florida, USA. Along the way it has also introduced new and exciting holiday experiences with the formation of the Club La Costa Yacht Club in 2007 and, more recently, the acquisition of UK based canal boats and the opening of its West End Centre.

Building better holidays and ensuring the experiences of its members, guests and property owners exceed their expectations, drives the company forward. Within its product range, which embraces luxury resort brand California Beach and new, individually styled Signature Suites, sold as affordable fractionals, lies something for everyone.

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