Another award for the CLC Trenython Manor collection | Trenython Manor Resort

Another award for the CLC Trenython Manor collection

By April 12, 2012 August 28th, 2018 Blog

The passion for protecting the environment and “going green” displayed at CLC Trenython Manor, a Club La Costa World resort in Cornwall, has paid off as the resort has garnered yet another award to mark its eco-friendly credentials.

CLC Trenython Manor is just one of three resorts in Europe affiliated to RCI to win the newly introduced RCI RADA Green Award. CLC Trenython Manor boasts many eco-friendly and energy saving features and was praised for demonstrating exceptional sustainable practices.

The work of the resort was reviewed by environmental expert Professor Peter Burns, who commented: “Resort based hotels have special responsibilities in a) responding to the need for quality experiences for their guests – especially families with children and b) developing a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment. CLC Trenython Manor manages both. This is no accident. It is quite clear that their business structure is both framed and driven by their green agenda.”

Resort Manager Nick Waddington said: “We are delighted that our commitment has been marked by being one of a very select group to receive this prestigious award. We know how important it is to let youngsters learn in a fun, lively way which is why we are busily creating our butterfly and bee friendly areas to add to our rich experiences designed to let kids discover the importance of protecting the environment. And we pay tribute to all our guests, who have helped us to maintain our very proactive green-friendly programme. We won’t be resting on our laurels!”